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Students' Kit by DAKH 54 pc

Students' Kit by DAKH 54 pc

The "Deutsche Akademie für klassische Homöopathie (DAKH)" (German academy for classical homeopathy) recommends an emergency- and home remedy kit containing a composition of remedies stemming from the zenith of homeopathy, namely the North-American homeopathy of the 19th century.

This sensible set guarantees a high coverage of a variety of slight to acute ailments of everyday life.

Prominent homeopaths with sound practical experience

The U.S. based "International Hahnemannian Association (IHA)" operated from 1880 to 1959, with members including prominent homeopaths of their time, such as Hering, Lippe, Allen, Boger, Clarke, Nash, and Kent. The IHA not only passed on a wide range of knowledge with their publications, but also contributed to the preservation of unadulterated homeopathy deep into the 20th century.

A. Saine transported this wealth of knowledge into the 21st century and into the "Deutsche Akademie der Klassischen Homöopathie". It is both the experience of the great homeopaths and the new-found insights into treatment of acute illnesses that have influenced the composition of this set, assembled by academy head Michael Leisten and recommended to every alumn.

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