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Farmacia di casa Reinhard Flick 1g 60 pc

Farmacia di casa Reinhard Flick 1g 60 pc

Finding and getting a suitable homeopathic remedy for emergencies on weekends or at night isn't easy. Those situations are where this set shines; having the most important remedies at hand is extremely important, especially when it comes to acute illnesses that often need follow-up medication if the symptoms change over night or through the weekend.

Basic treatment for acute symptoms

This set has been assembled to bridge this gap und offers the ideal compilation of basic remedies for your home.

excl. IVA
Farmaci in questo set
Nome del farmaco Versione A
72 Farmaci
Versione B
60 Farmaci
Acidum arsenicosum C 30
C 30
Acidum nitricum C 30
Acidum phosphoricum C 30
C 30
Acidum silicicum C 30
C 30
Aconitum napellus C 30
C 30
Allium cepa C 30
Aloe C 30
C 30
Aluminium oxydatum C 30
C 30
Apis mellifica C 30
C 30
Arnica montana C 200
C 200
Atropa bella-donna C 30
C 30
Aurum metallicum C 30
Berberis vulgaris C 30
C 30
Bryonia C 30
C 30
Calcium sulfuricum C 30
C 30
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